Welcome to Hairflip! is ran by Alexa and Britt. Hairflip is here to provide you with the best resources, graphics, tutorials, and more! Comment in the cbox if you use anything or have any suggestions. We work really hard on Hairflip & every compliment, use of content, etc is very appreciated! Always check back for updates. We hope you enjoy your stay & come back soon!

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Owner: Alexa and Britt
Site Name: Hairflip //
Program Used: Photoshop CS5
Hosted By: Firewish
Site Opened: April 17th, 2017
Layout Version: 4

Last blog post you will ever see on hairflp because...

Name: Alexa date: 9/05/17
Hey everyone!! This is the last blog I'll be posting because I'm revamping this index page to look a little different ;)! I have ideas in my mind so we'll see exactly what I choose to do. I'm getting rid of the "blog" posts since 1. I don't think too many people read this? & 2. I wanna work on hairflip updates and cool stuff like that.. not writing posts here so if you have me added on facebook (click Alexa in the nav bar) I will be posting a status once my index page is redone! If you don't have me added just check back to see it change! I'll be doing it in 2-3 days (I hope) since this blog is posted. see you then! xoxo

Hey Lovebugs

Name: Alexa date: 7/16/17
As some of you guys know Britt is no longer partnering with hairflip, but I wanted to give her a shout out & thank her for all the time and content she has put into hairflip <3 She's amazing! I've been doing more small updates here & there lately and if you guys like it (or would rather have big updates less frequently) let me know! If you want to add my site facebook click the link that says 'Alexa' on the top navbar. The cbox placement was an issue on some peoples computers with not showing up properly, but that is fixed & the cbox is now on the left sidebar! I appreciate the comments when you're using something or just like my site <3! I'm going to be getting my diploma through a program here so I won't be on quite as often to update then, but I will try my best. Things have been going great for me :) I'm extremely happy most days with the way things are going after a very hard time I was having. I'm just saying I've been through a lot in my life & shout out to those going through stuff, because I know how much of a toll things can take on someone, but I just wanna say stay strong. you got this xox & things always get better. no matter what (I'm living proof of that.) I'm proud of you for getting up today, and simply just being you. You're a badass queen of your own damn self. Let no one tell you or make you think otherwise. anyway have a wonderful day to all of you! Slay on queens <3 & thank you for visiting!

Hairflip still slaying

Name: Hairflip Team date: 6/4/17
Alexa: Lets just jump into it.. I want to say thank you sooo much to everyone using our content! Also I want to say if you use something credit us.. I noticed some people using preview psds & etc with no credit given. We work hard on our content and (I assumed) it went without saying make sure you credit us when you use our things. Thanks :) enjoy our newest updates!! We added requested tutorials for you guys plus some extra ones & of course added on to our resources and graphics for all of you! You can thank Britt for blessing your eyes with the beauty that is our new layout <3! I love it, and hope you guys do too! Feel free to send fan signs in (message or comment's facebook like page) to be featured for's Babe Of The Moment! No computer edited signs pls and write what you want of course, but make sure it says Hairflip or on it ♥ ♥ Check out our site of the month on the side bar! You cannot apply for site of the month. We will just be picking a site at random that stands out to us every month. Go use some beautiful shiiii, try out our new tutorials, and all that good stuff :) xo Thanks for using!

Britt: Hi guys! I just wanted to let you guys know that we both appreciate that you use our hardwork, whenever I see you guys use our content my heart legit feels like it explodes with gratitude and excitement! I love seeing our hardwork being used and that you guys really seem to enjoy our monthly (almost) updates! With the layout I went a little throwback if you will, I definitely wanted something that no one really has going on right now, and just something that was a little different than what I normally do. I try to always update the layout whenever we do updates, so look forward to a new look next time. I hope you enjoy our new updates, and as per usual, if you want to see anything new or something that maybe we don't have much of and you want to see more of it, let us know in the comment box and we will write that down for the next update!

New layout & New updates!

Name: Alexa at Hairflip date: 5/17/17
Hey loves! As you may have noticed we are no longer using & are officially (and permanently) using :) Great news, the wonderful Britt is partnering with me again and I'm really excited she's back!! There's a lot of updates so feel free to look around or check out the updates box for direct links. Along with the new updates we have a new layout!! (amazing right?!) for spring. We are both excited to bring you guys more & more resources, graphics, and tutorials & see the site grow. Please if you use something credit! Suggestions are always helpful so feel free to leave any in the cbox or just comment to say hey, you saved/used something, or whatever else lol. We want to keep going with regular updates and make the site big! It helps when we're credited, people leaving messages in the cbox, and things like that so keep doing that okay, enough rambling, check out our content updates and hope you come back soon <333 Enjoy!

Welcome To Hairflip

Name: Hairflip Team date: 4/15/17
Alexa: Hey everyone!! So Hairflip is being brought back & I'm really excited about it! I linked up with Schuyler & Britt to bring back the site and I think the site has turned out AMAZING so far! I couldn't have done it without them. Britt is taking a break and will possibly come back in the future. Soon Hairflip will be owned by me, Schuyler, and ????? (to be announced - it's a surprise! lol) is here to provide you with the best resources, graphics, tutorials, and more!! I hope you guys love everything we did & use tons of stuff. Look around ;) Comment if you save/use anything xox

Schuyler: Heyyy oh! Sooo, I'm Schuy, clearly. I'm so honored to be apart of this wonderful team of people, past and future! I'm honestly not ever sure what to write with these things... my brain just lands some blanks. But I really hope that y'all enjoy everything we've done and everything we do in the future! Can't wait to announce the new partner. ;)

Britt: Hi, guys! I'm Britt, obvs, I was lucky enough to be asked to partner with Schuyler and Alexa to bring Hairflip back and better than ever! They are both literally the best people to work with, and even though I am taking a break and might be back in the future, I was so lucky to be able to work with them! I hope you guys enjoy what we/they have now, and what they have to offer you in the future (which is going to be fantastic, just saying) they are both working very hard on this grand opening and I hope you all are as excited as we are for the grand opening! I look forward to seeing this site grow on the sidelines. Enjoy!