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Hairflip Tv

HairFlip Tv is just a youtube video we choose for you guys to check out! It could be anything from music to tutorials to diy and everything & anything in between. Enjoy!

About Hairflip

I (Alexa) started out making a layout & contest site on Myspace in 2006 called Alexas Layouts & Contests (so original right?! lmao.) I got more into the site world stuff on Myspace and changed my site name to Feshtart, ugliest name ever i know haha. I did content in Myspace blogs then shortly after changed my site name to Hairflip & it stuck. I started getting tons of views on my Myspace content blogs by personals and other sites. I even took layout requests and customized them for people which by the way, gave me a lot of html skills. Shortly after my site started getting more notice a different site owner contacted me and said I had a lot of talent (for as much talent as there was back then lol - the glo up is real trust me on that) and he said he wanted to give me a subdomain. It was the owner of switchlyts.com so my site was hairflip.switchlyts.com. I had NO idea how to code websites, make domain layouts, nothing really besides the beginner html stuff learned via Myspace layout making. I don't remember the owner of switchlyts.com's name unfourtantely, BUT he helped me learn website coding, how to make certain domain layouts & basic things like that. I then for some unknown reason switched to a different host after hairflip.switchlyts.com was getting about 600-800+ unique views a day. That site was sweetlifee.com SO I made a new subdomain called hairflip.sweetlifee.com, but me (pretty much basic web knowledge & clueless at the time - I was only 15) didn't redirect hairflip.switchlyts.com to my new site. I pretty much had to rebuild a fan base from people that didn't have me added on Hairflip's Myspace account and get hairflip.sweetlifee.com up in views and all that. It worked & it eventually got to 1k-2k views a day! THEN not learning from my first mistake (lmao typical me) bought a domain from someone and yes by then my website coding & content making knowledge was MUCH MUCH better and that domain was Hairflip.net! It became really popular, and I had so much fun making Myspace layouts, graphics, and other goodies for personals and other sites. I strayed away a bit from site world stuff but still kept a few resources + premade signs, premade s4s graphics, and etc for sites to use. I had Hairflip.net from 2007 or 2008 til 2010. I had personal things come up in my life and strayed away from designing and websites and all that. Then I saw the site world community on Facebook in 2012 because at this point Myspace was dead. I stuck around a bit, but didn't really do much til 2015 when I CAME BACK TO THE FACEBOOK SITE WORLD! I brought back Hairflip.net & let me tell you, YES it evolved so much plus no photoshop or coding for years, I was practically a newbie again with skills. I even switched to a few other sites, maybe you've heard of them? Sunblaz3.com, Lavaswirl.com, & Hairflip.info (mostly .info since someone had bought Hairflip.net) but they just weren't right for me. Hairflip.net is my baby and means SO much to me so after some playing around with different sites/site names & etc I bought Hairflip.net for the THIRD (ok maybe fourth? I lost count) time and it's been reopened since April 2017. I now have an amazing partner named Britt and even though I started Hairflip she is SUCH an AMAZING addition to Hairflip! I may be the original owner, but with all she's done for the site - it's hers too! So now me (Alexa) & Britt partner on this site and make siteworld and website resources. We work hard and LOVE when our stuff gets used. Hairflip has evolved so much over the years & I hope you enjoy it! If you read all this xox @ you.

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